About me

I’m currently a Faculty Lecturer at Northern Arizona University, in Women’s and Gender Studies Program, where I teach:

  • “Women, Gender, Identity and Ethnicity” (Gened course)
  • “Introduction to Transnational Feminisms”
  • Seminar course “Doing Feminisms: Methods of Practice” and
  • Senior Capstone Class: Women’s and Gender Studies Research

I earned my PhD in English from University of Calcutta in 2012 and my dissertation entitled

“Wilderness, Joys and Crossroad Guilts: Space-Time Dynamics in Judith Wright’s Texts”  (Full dissertation here)

focused on transgressive cross-racial interactions of white settler women and Aboriginal women in colonial and postcolonial Australia unfolding an alternative theory of space-time dynamics. My dissertation was the beginning of my interest in transnational feminism as I was primarily focusing on sexuality, desire and corporeal space from the perspectives of cross-racial and cross-cultural interactions.


When I joined as Assistant Professor of English and Gender Studies at Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi (2012-2014), I was teaching literary theory, postcolonialism, diasporic literature, feminist theory and modernist women’s writing. My teaching enhanced my research in transnational feminism by expanding my research interest in the politics of representation of desire and sexuality in transatlantic modernist literature. Two books that I published during my teaching days at Delhi University are Critical Study of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter (Atlantic Press) and an edited anthology Critical Essays on Alice Walker’s The Color Purple (Pencraft International Publisher). I also developed three online courses “Feminist Intervention: Visual Representation of Women”, “Inscribing the Body Through Life Narratives of Women” and “Postmodernism and Gender” for students pursuing M.A in Gender Studies at IGNOU (Indira Gandhi National Open University).

In 2014, I joined Institute for Research in the Humanities, University of Wisconsin-Madison (2014-17) to work on my postdoctoral research project on corporeality, desire and sexuality in nineteenth and twentieth century women’s writing, art and choreography. With a sustained and nuanced framework in unfamiliar narratives and an alternative focus on intersectionality of race, gender, sexuality, ableism, religion and corporality on a transnational scale, this project focuses on corporeal feminism, feminist affect studies and medical humanities. The two co-edited volumes published during this research project are Claiming Space for Australian Women’s Writing (Palgrave Macmillan) and Unveiling Desire: Fallen Women in Literature, Culture, and Films of the East (Rutgers university Press).

In my former capacity at UW-Madison as a Research Fellow, I taught “Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies”, “Individual and Society” (Gened Course) and “Religion, Gender and Sexuality” and also designed the course “Asian American Literature” at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (2015 Spring -2016 Spring). In 2016, I joined as the Lecturer in the Department of Gender and Women Studies at University of Wisconsin-Madison where I taught two courses “Gender, Women and Cultural Representation” and “Women in Cross-Societal Perspectives”.

In addition to teaching and scholarship, I serve on the annual Conference Program Review Committee for the 4W (women, Wisconsin, world and well-being) Summit, organized by the Women’s and Gender Studies Consortium at University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I am one of the leaders in the 4W Initiative’s Leadership Circle working on homeless women’s health. (https://4w.wisc.edu/4wleadership/) I also serve on the Review committee for the Future of Monogamy-Nonmonogamy Conference. Currently, I serve the WGS Steering committee at NAU.

There are many stories which are not on paper. They're written in the bodies and minds of women.